Blessing Is A Mother Of Two And A Graduate Of State University Of Science And Technology

 My name is blessing, a mother of two and a graduate of STATE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

I got married 2016

and things became much harder for my hubby, we had to relocate because my husband's sister promised to help my husband start up a new business. After relocating the story changed, saying she doesn't have money anymore to start up a business for my hubby

We stayed 6months in our family house. Only God knows what I passed through

We had to leave the family house through the help of my pastor and rented a small place, He paid for the house and we moved in, Now hubby is doing nothing😢 How do we feed, what about our kids. so, i had to talk to hubby to let me use the little money remaining to start up OKIRIKA business

You see this thing called marriage is for MATURED MINDS seriously, because it really need to be build on TRUST

Don't rush into it because when the table turns you might rush out. Ladies and gentlemen if you can't tolerate each other please no marry ooh..

I started my okirika business little by little,

Later I got a little space were I normally hang them, then in the evening I pack them inside a bag and carry them home.. most of my friends on Facebook know me very well cos I post them on Facebook and a lot of people from Fcbk patronized me then, am greatful. Hubby became worried, depression came but we prayed and over came..

From okirika I switched to selling of CRAYFISH because the cloth business was not favoring me, sometimes I don't sell at all and our kids need to feed... 

So I started my crayfish business by pushing it around with a wheelbarrow, started posting on Facebook and people were ordering.

I added stockfish, I move from street to street to sell. People were inspired by my move. Some friends on Facebook saw the hunger of being successful in me and asked me to send my account number, some asked to go and look for a shop, while some asked me to leave my husband that am too young and beautiful for all this suffering and my response was thank you, some ask me to go to bed with them before helping but No, I love my husband

Now, all glory to God. I have a shop of my own, I sell food stuffs even though I'm not were I want to be but I'm definitely not were I use to be. Life is challenging Yes but how you face it matters a lot, I face mine being fearless, shameless, and hunger for success..

Put God in all you do and watch him turn things around for your sake.

My husband was doing well before and during those days he didn't leave me so while should I leave him now...

Women we are our husbands neck, while they are the head. The head can't stand without the neck, pls learn to call on God and wait patiently for him to answer. And build your home in  LOVE. May God bless all our husbands and restore all they have lost amen.

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