Blueskytf – All You Need To Know About The Platform


In this article, we’d be seeing an honest review of the trending Blueskytf Investment Company, including what it entails, the risks and of course, how to invest and earn from it.

Because of these platforms that mostly come with high interest rates but never-fulfilled promises, many Nigerians have over the years, grown this mistrust for investment platforms. This is, of course, expected as the majority of investment platforms only last for a few months.

Today, we’d be talking about everything you need to know about the trending Blueskytf; including its investment plans, how to earn, how of withdrawal and of course, review.

What is Blueskytf?
Blueskytf (Blueskytf Global Ltd) is an investment website that claims to offer investments yields of up to 60% per annum on Fixed Deposit/Investments and also offer loans of up to ₦1,000,000 to qualified active investors. And according to the About Us and T&C sections of the website, Blueskytf was founded by Aaron Ugbi the president and CEO. They started operations in 2018, but came public in 2023 under the name and style Blueskytf Global Ltd, the company is duly registered with the CAC as a LLC with RC No 6878358 and is SEC regulated.  
Aaron Ugbi, Blueskytf’s founder and CEO, has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. After graduating from The University of South Africa (UNISA), he began his career with a large Wall Street firm as a stockbroker.
In 2018, Aaron founded Blueskytf as a better way to serve his clients and invest their hard-earned money, then in 2023, he decided to give back to the public by allowing them invest their hard-earned money through his website for a fixed ROI. Since then, Blueskytf has grown to be what it is today.

How does Blueskytf work?
Just like most online investment platforms, you are expected to begin your investment journey with as little as N1,000. The amount invested and duration selected will determine how much you earn daily, which will in turn be accessible for withdrawal when its mature. As it is with all fixed investment company, the lock in period of Blueskytf ranges from 15days to 360days.

According to the Fixed Deposit calculator on the website
An investment of N1,000 will generate a total ROI plus capital of
N1,150 in 15days
N1,330 in 30days
N1,690 in 60days
N2,035 in 90days
N3,070 in 180days
N5,140 in 360days
One good thing here is that, there is no fixed amount to be invested, you are in control of the investment amount and return on investment.

This means an investment of N100,000 will generate a total ROI plus capital of
N115,000 in 15days
N133,000 in 30days
N169,000 in 60days
N203,500 in 90days
N307,000 in 180days
N514,000 in 360days

How to register on Blueskytf:
Registering on Blueskytf is pretty straightforward. Just follow the steps below:
Either download their Mobile App on Playstore or
Visit the Signup Page
Enter your full name
Enter your phone number
Enter your email address
Enter your password
Click I accept the T&C
That’s it! You have just created an account.
How to Log In on Blueskytf
To log in to your Blueskytf account, simply visit and type in your email and password.

In case you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on Forgot Password on the website, to reset it.

How to invest on Blueskytf
According to the FAQ page of the platform, these are the steps provided on how to invest on the platform

Step 1: To Invest/Fund your Account, click on this link to enter your investment amount, click Calculate to see how much you could earn and select your preferred duration

Step 2: Make payment via Paystack on the website to start earning Daily Returns on your funds till the maturity date.

Step 3: Click on Accessible Funds to Request for a Withdrawal on your Investment Maturity Date.

Video Guidance for Step 1
Follow the steps from this link to see how to invest/fund your account

Other Video Links
Follow the steps from this link to see how to add your account details

Follow the steps from this link to see how to update your name and phone number

How to withdraw on Blueskytf
When you invest, your fund is placed under locked funds till the maturity date you selected. (i.e. 15days, 30days, 60days etc). When it gets to the maturity date, it is automatically moved to Accessible Funds.
Simply click on Accessible Funds and Select Withdrawal to withdraw your funds to your provided account. Easy right!
Before requesting for a withdrawal kindly follow the steps below:
First of all, input your bank account details under Bank Account Details on your Dashboard
After that, click on the Withdrawal/Accessible Funds button to request a withdrawal and your total funds will be paid into your account.

Another way to earn without investing is by inviting
The platform has a referral system which users can leverage on to earn extra money by sharing Blueskytf with their families and friends.
Once a person you refer invest a minimum of N10,000 you receive a bonus of N500 which can be withdrawn immediately.
The platform also has a Mobile App, and as at the date of writing the App is currently rated 3.8 on Google Playstore.

I’m yet to invest in Blueskytf, so I wouldn’t say if it’s entirely legit or not. But according to my research, I am yet to see a negative review about the platform, and the platform doesn’t delay in making payment. The more you invest the more your ROI. If you’d invest, I advise you only invest what you can afford to lose.

If ₦1,000 is too small for you, you can invest as much as N50,000, and if you are a big time investor you can even invest as much as ₦500,000. But always invest what you can afford to lose in platforms like this.

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